Things I hate 

  1. cleaning while people are home
  2. going out in public
  3. general sunlight
  4. pop culture 
  5. when people who have known me for a long time tell me I’m weird
  6. religion 
  7. chipped nail varnish 
  8. ringtones 
  9. "funny" internet videos 
  10. stupid people 
  11. dusty keyboards 
  12. college ruled notebooks 
  13. children’s shows that ask the viewer questions 
  14. soda 
  15. iced tea 
  16. people who talk about getting intoxicated all the time 
  17. people who talk
  18. dog spit 
  19. when an important clock is left an hour ahead or behind 
  20. MTV
  21. Comedies after 2005 
  22. people who use the phrase “that’s so gay”
  23. people who “don’t read”
  24. people…
  25. Christmas
  26. well off white teenagers who use the N-word as slang 
  27. blunt little kids 
  28. kids
  29. mouth breathers 
  30. people who smack when they eat

That was fun

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I bought this notebook and it was all pretty and simple, idk. And I was all being a “G” saying “I really like it’s simplicity.” Then I turned the notebook around and the company was called simplicity.

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